Our Organization

Our Organization

The College Club of Cincinnati (CCC) is a group of college-educated women whose mission is 

"to promote a continuing interest and participation in philanthropy, the arts, education, social welfare, and civic improvement."

Meeting Location

College Club of Cincinnati
330 Lafayette Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220


Exploring the Western Wildlife Corridor

Presented by Matt Taylor

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The Western Wildlife Corridor’s (WWC) mission is to protect the scenic beauty and natural resources of the Ohio River Valley through direct land protection and promotion of responsible land use. Since 1992, the WWC has worked to preserve and restore the greenway corridor of wooded hillsides along the Ohio River, from the Millcreek near downtown Cincinnati to the Great Miami River bordering Indiana. Learn how this initiative is enhancing the quality of life for people in these communities.

Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh...

Chairman of the Day

Ms. Deborah Jane Campbell.....

Flower Chairman

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Freedom Seeker of Cincinnati

Presented by Christine Hartlieb, Executive Director

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This interactive presentation focuses on the life events and experiences that Harriet Beecher Stowe faced during the 18 years she lived in Cincinnati and how these experiences enabled her to write an impactful anti-slavery novel.  Stowe House Executive Director Christine Hartlieb also will discuss the history of the house after the Beechers left and its ties to African American experiences in the 20th century.


Mrs. Nancy Cavanaugh…………………………………………Chairman of the Day

Queen City Chamber Opera

Directed by Dr. Isaac Selya

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Queen City Chamber Opera was founded by Dr. Isaac Selya in 2012 to advance the careers of emerging opera artists by giving them valuable professional engagements in fully staged productions with a full orchestra.  QCCO performers have been able to continue their careers with many famous opera companies around the country.  You will be happily entertained by Isaac and several of his performers.

Menu:  Soup, salad, and casserole.

Mrs. Cora Hillman                                                                  Chairman of the Day

Roundabout Opera for Kids

Directed by Ms. Kelly Holterhoff

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You'll be charmed by the riveting voices and high energy antics of four talented opera singers from ROKCincy performing their twist on Mozart's beloved comic opera, The Magic Flute.  The free, fully staged performances are given to school and community groups who have limited access to arts programming.

Melissa Thiergartner                                             Chairman of the Day

Civil War Fashion Show

2/25/2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Presented by Mrs. Jackie Gardiner  Civil War reenactments can be found in Cincinnati!  What do they wear?  Find out what ladies had to wear during the Civil War days with a fashion demonstration from the inside out! Menu:  Turkey, dressing, gravy, sweet potatoes, cake with rum sauce    

Mrs. Carolyn Clodfelter                              Chairman of the Day

Collectively Speaking

Presented by Mrs. Kaye Browning

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Mrs. Kaye Browning is the curator and owner of the Kathleen Savage Browning Miniatures Collection at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center in Maysville, Kentucky.  It is one of the most extensive assemblages of one-twelfth-scale miniatures in the world.  Kaye will share her philosophy of collecting and also present special pieces from the gallery.

Menu:  Tortellini (veggie and cheese), bread and herbed butter, strawberry shortcake.

Ann Hanson                              Chairman of the Day 

Oak Hills High School Choral Department

Directed by Mrs. Maria Palassis

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Talented students from Oak Hills High School choirs/ensembles will present wonderful music selections to entertain us.  Mrs. Maria Palassis directs the many choral and performing groups.  Please attend and enjoy the beautiful Cincinnati Woman's Club holiday decorations through the club.

 Menu:  Sauerbraten roast, potato salad, cabbage slaw, black forest cake.

Ms. Nancy Cavanaugh.....................................Chairman of the Day

Covedale Theatre/Landmark Productions

Presented by Tim Perrino

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Mr. Tim Perrino, President/Director of Landmark Productions, will share information about the organization as well as current and upcoming  plays and musicals.  Several professional cast members will also entertain us with their outstanding talents!  We will learn more about the Covedale Theater and the “new” Incline Theater which are both located in Price Hill. 

Menu:  Lasagna, garlic bread, salad, tiramisu   


Miss Judythe Huston                                                     Chairman of the Day

Politics and Elections--The Crazy Politics of 2016--Where Are We?

Presented by Albert Tuchfarber, PhD

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Words matter!  Debates, commentary, analysis, and commercials have bombarded us for nearly fifteen months.  However, the complexities of this election season remain.  In an analysis unlikely to be matched on CNN, Fox News – or even the Cincinnati Enquirer – University of Cincinnati Professor Emeritus of Political Science Albert Tuchfarber, PhD, shared insights and observations on the 2016 presidential race during a presentation. The forces behind the election have been decades in the making, according to Dr. Tuchfarber, the product of the end of the post World War II boom and the slowdown in economic and population growth and middle class prosperity that followed. He described the current state of national and global identity as a period of “transition” in which large majorities of the electorate are dissatisfied with the direction of the United States and traditional political party alliances have shifted. What does the future hold? Dr. Tuchfarber predicts a mixed bag, with one clear bright spot: The United States will remain dominant on the world stage at least until the 2050s. Menu:  Trio salads, fruit, fudge nut ball

Kathie Turin                                Chairman of the Day

«December 2023»
12/16/2023 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM


December 16, 2023

Did you know that the Appalachian dulcimer is the Kentucky state instrument? Active since 1992, this group has beautifully blended its sounds in a variety of programs and venues, while promoting the dulcimer’s rich history. Learn more about this tradition as you enjoy the soothing and familiar melodies.

The luncheon will be held in the Tea Room at 12:00 PM 

followed by the program in the auditorium.

Ham with raison sauce, Roasted brussel sprouts and carrots, 

Mashed sweet potatoes, Gingerbread with lemon sauce.

Paula Steiner………………………………………Chairperson of the Day

Paula Spitzmiller…………………………………..Hospitality

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