Our Organization

Our Organization

The College Club of Cincinnati (CCC) is a group of college-educated women whose mission is 

"to promote a continuing interest and participation in philanthropy, the arts, education, social welfare, and civic improvement."

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College Club of Cincinnati
330 Lafayette Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220




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The CWC Players are for the first time presenting an improvisation.  Cast members enlighten the audience by discussing a play they are planning.  The improvisation is based on last year's Seven Nuns in Las Vegas, but it looks like there will be lots of showgirls and only a few nuns.  Come and enjoy the fun.

Chairman of the Day          Ms. Vivian Morgan



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J.T. Townsend is a freelance writer and lifelong resident of Cincinnati.  He is the author of regional bestsellers, Queen City Gothic and Queen City Notorious.  He is also the former true crime historian for Snitch Magazine and his work has appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Word Magazine and Clews.  In this intriguing program, Townsend delves beyond the tabloid headlines and exposes the sinful motivations of memorable villains.

Chairman of the Day:     Mrs. Sue Eades



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CCM Senior Youth Ballet Company is made up of junior and senior high school students who are serious about ballet.  The Mini and Junior Ballet Company is made up of children ages 8 through 13 and focuses on guiding young students in their performance skills and ballet technique.  "The Carnival of Animals" and other dance selections will demonstrate their accomplishments.

Armchair Adventures in Outdoor Photography

Presented by Brian Jorg

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Brian Jorg, nature photographer, public speaker, and Cincinnati Zoo horticulturalist, travels the world to capture the beauty of nature in photographic images.  The ‘one-of-a-kind’ presentation will focus on some of the ‘adventures’ he has encountered over the years researching photographing, and observing nature in the great outdoors. This sometimes humorous look back includes close encounters, from grizzles and black bear to rattlesnakes and tarantulas, as well as reflecting on some of the most magnificent landscapes, from Alaska to East Africa and the Amazon to Nova Scotia.


Mrs. Ruth Hubbard-Barnes………….….………..………………………...……..….Chairman of the Day

Bamso Brings Us Its Best!

Director Michael Chertock

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What better time than springtime for an opportunity to hear three talented winners of the 2014 Jack & Lucille Wonnell Young Artist Concerto Competition, sponsored by the Blue Ash/Montgomery Symphony Orchestra (BAMSO).  Their scintillating performances are from the main symphonic sections: (1) Strings, (2) Piano, (3) Brass, Reeds, and Woodwind.  The Blue Ash/Montgomery Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Michael Chertock, the distinguished keyboardist of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Asst. Professor of Piano at University of Cincinnati's CCM.


Mrs. Carole Rauf……………...………..…...….…Chairman of the Day

Dressed For The Occasion: A Study of Fashion from 1910 - 1970

Presented by Bette Sherman

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Bette Sherman, fashion historian, will take us on an excursion through nine decades of style and fashion.  They call her the “Queen of Stuff” because her personal, extensive collection gives a peek into a century of fashion industry history.  She is the go-to girl for props for Hollywood movies!  “A lot of what I collect was meant to be thrown away,” Sherman says.  From lithograph powder tins and antique advertising to authentic 20s flapper dresses and vintage handbags, Sherman has it all, and will speak about fashion as well as bring items from her fabulous collection.


Mrs. Diane Sakmyster……………………………………………Chairman of the Day

Face To Face With C. F. Payne

Presented by Chris Payne, Artist-Illustrator

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C.F. Payne is an artist-illustrator whose artwork has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Book Review and more. He has been commissioned by paint countless politicians, authors and entertainers.  He has illustrated ten children’s picture books, including The Remarkable Farkle McBride and Micawber by John Lithgow.  His artwork had been exhibited at numerous museums and college and university galleries.  He painted the mural on the Music Hall parking garage of some of the famous people who have graced the city.  Come and hear from this remarkable professional!


Miss Cheryl Anne Sallwasser………..…………..…………………………..Chairman of the Day

The Success and Challenges for Cincinnati Public Schools

Presented by Mary Ronan

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College Club member Mary Ronan, Superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) will talk to us about the current status of our school system.  Whether negotiating labor contracts, hitting the pavement to pass tax levies, boosting academic expectations, or overseeing the district’s 10-year, $1 billion Facilities Master Plan, Ronan’s down-to-earth experience and lofty educational vision have brought CPS recognition as Ohio’s highest-performing urban school district since 2009.


Mrs. Mary Russell….....……………………………………….……………..Chairman of the Day

Seven Nuns At Las Vegas

The Cincinnati Woman's Club Players

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This production, a comedy,  was originally performed at Notre Dame University in 1954.  It is a hilarious play about the adventures of seven nuns who find themselves in a very unique situation.  The CWC Players will delight you with this adaptation by College Club member, Carol Parsons.  You won’t want to miss it. 


Mrs. Carol Parsons.............................................................................Chairman of the Day

A Look at the Macabre

Presented by: Diane M. Shields, Historian

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What better time than October to take a look at why we are so fascinated with strange happenings that can indeed border on frightening, gruesome, and mysterious.  After all, Halloween is devoted to ghouls, specters, vampires and demons!  During this program, we will examine some real-life situations that frighten us and yet intrigue us!  And then a little tongue in cheek at how literature and entertainment pull us in even deeper.

Put a Little Jazz in your Life!

Directed by Kerry Cruse

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The Walnut Hills High School Jazz Ensemble has become recognized throughout our community for its high-octane performance level.  Not only has it competed frequently  

in local and regional competitions, it has performed with the Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, and graced venues such as the Cincinnati Art Museum, Taft Museum and the downtown Public Library.


Ms. Kathy Monahan........................Chairman of the Day


Why Shakespeare? Comedic Excerpts

Presented by The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

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 Three professional actors from The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company answer a common question: “Why do we still study Shakespeare today?”  They will present interesting facts about Shakespeare, incorporate an opportunity for audience participation, and perform scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Macbeth”, “Comedy of Errors”, and others as part of their comedic presentation.  Please join us for this lunch and program.

 Mrs. Mary Reed Lyon                                                                               Chairman of the Day

The State of the Arts in Cincinnati

Presented by Janelle Gelfand

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 Janelle Gelfand was named Classical Music Critic for The Cincinnati Enquirer in 1993 and has written for the paper since 1991. She is an accomplished pianist, having traveled with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra on three European tours and two tours to Japan. When the Cincinnati POPS toured mainland China and Singapore for the first time, she was there. She was a professor of  music history at the Cincinnati College Conservatory. She will share her knowledge of the arts in Cincinnati with us.  

Mrs. Helena Pieratt                                                                      Chairman of the Day

Components for Abundant Living

Presented by Gary Griesser, the Singing Motivator

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 Gary completed a 27-year career as a professional educator in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and began a new career as a motivational speaker. His Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education equips him to uniquely blend his speaking with his rich baritone singing voice to earn him the title “Singing Motivator”.  Gary masterfully blends story, song, and humor to take his listeners on a journey they’ll never forget.  He has made hundreds of presentations to educational, religious, and business organizations.

 Mrs. Jane Arnold                                                                       Chairman of the Day

Loving Friends Retirement Home

Presented by CWC Players

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The CWC players will present a lively new play written by a CWC member, the fourth season with the residents from the Loving Friends Retirement Home, or a Broadway hit.  It is a mystery for all of us. Teasers will be presented to the membership by Mrs. Carol Parsons as the play draws closer.

Unsolved Cincinnati Murders

Presented by J. T. Townsend

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 Mr. Townsend is a freelance writer and lifelong resident of Cincinnati. He is a true crime historian, writing for Snitch Magazine, the Cincinnati Enquirer, Cincinnati Magazine, and others. Mr. Townsend will discuss “What keeps armchair detectives awake at night?”  through a presentation of the Cincinnati’s Most Infamous Murder Mysteries. 

Ms. Sue Eades                                                                                        Chairman of the Day

How the Affordable Care Act Affects Healthcare Consumers

Presented by Kate Keller, MPA

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Kate Keller, MPA is the Vice President for Policy and External Relations at The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. She is responsible for the organization's Affordable Care Act Education program as well as the Foundation’s communications efforts. The Affordable Care Act  was passed in March 2010.  The law’s implementation began shortly after passage with significant changes occurring in 2014.  One of the law’s goals is to expand the number of Americans with insurance that covers the basic health care services everyone needs.  This expansion includes enhancing benefit plans, tax subsidies to purchase insurance and expanded Medicaid eligibility. This workshop will provide an overview of the ACA, how all these changes affect will affect you, and what you need to know to be prepared for 2014 and beyond.   Mrs. Mary Russell                                                                       Chairman of the Day


Container Gardening

Presented by Susan Rahn

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 Ms. Rahn will share with us the secrets to successful container gardening. It is fun, easy and relaxing to garden in containers. Almost all plants can be grown in containers: pots, baskets, urns; all shapes and sizes. Vegetables, annuals, and perennials can still be yours without laboring in a garden bed. She will discuss which plants do well in this environment, watering needs, and when we can start these gardens.

 Ms. Cindy Browne                                                                             Chairman of the Day

Mother of Mercy’s Show Choir

Directed by Ms. Kim Zang

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 Ms. Zang has joined Mother of Mercy High School to direct the show choir. This is a young choir that has performed for many Westside events. They will perform holiday favorites to set us in the holiday spirit.

Ms. Kathleen Monahan (Kathy)                                                         Chairman of the Day 

More Brain Power

Presented by Pamela Baird

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Ms. Baird is a social worker for TriHealth’s Seniority Health Programs. She will present information about exercising an important body muscle: Our Brain. The brain is a muscle that is receiving increase attention in today’s health care arena. It needs exercise and stimulation for optimal functioning. Please join us for some tips on how to exercise your brain.   

Ms. Jane Hlad                                                                                            Chairman of the Day

«May 2022»
5/21/2022 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM


Ohio Valley Voices was established nearly two decades ago with the goal of teaching children with hearing losses to listen and speak clearly. Ms. Sentelik, an audiologist, will share the details that have made her small school based in Loveland so successful. She’ll answer questions like, “At what age do you begin to teaching deaf children? How do they hear? Why is there no lip reading or sign language like at other schools?” This organization is the recipient of a 2021-2022 endowment gift from The College Club of Cincinnati.

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